How to compress / extract, tar.bz2, tar.gz files in Ubuntu

For some reason I always forget which parameters needs to be used in each one of those cases, so, I’m going to put this information in this post until it burns in my brain.

Extract a tar.bz2 file or a

tar -xvjf your_file.tar.bz2

Extract a tar.gz

tar -xvzf your_file.tar.gz

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Change auto increment starting number on SQLite

For SQLite there is a table named SQLITE_SEQUENCE with all the auto incremental values of the tables, so you need to update the value.

UPDATE SQLITE_SEQUENCE SET seq = [starting_number] WHERE name = '[table_name]';

Just change [starting_number] for the desired initial auto increment and [table_name] for the name of the table to update

Connecting to a Cisco AnyConnect on Ubuntu 16.04

I usually only put in this blog working solutions proved by me, but in this case I did so many things that I can’t recall how I make that VPN working, but from my browser history I can reference to some of the posts that helped me do it. And the last thing that I did to make it work. I promise to update this post when I need to make this process again with the solution but until that I can’t erase it to make the process again (I don’t have the time for it)

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