How to setup SQUID (proxy server) on Ubuntu

Sometimes you need to proxy your traffic over a server in order to pass certain firewall rules, and/or geographic restrictions on some websites, configuring SQUID on your own droplet it’s very useful to solve this kind of needs, and the installation it’s pretty straight forward

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How to compress / extract, tar.bz2, tar.gz files in Ubuntu

For some reason I always forget which parameters needs to be used in each one of those cases, so, I’m going to put this information in this post until it burns in my brain.

Extract a tar.bz2 file or a

tar -xvjf your_file.tar.bz2

Extract a tar.gz

tar -xvzf your_file.tar.gz

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Connecting to a Cisco AnyConnect on Ubuntu 16.04

I usually only put in this blog working solutions proved by me, but in this case I did so many things that I can’t recall how I make that VPN working, but from my browser history I can reference to some of the posts that helped me do it. And the last thing that I did to make it work. I promise to update this post when I need to make this process again with the solution but until that I can’t erase it to make the process again (I don’t have the time for it)

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Using multiple RSA keys to connect through SSH

I was just having trouble because you can’t use the same RSA key in order to connect to multiple accounts on bitbucket, this can be solved creating a new one, but you need to know how to handle them, and there is two ways to do it.

If you just need to connect with ssh to a host well you can just put it as a parameter, but this doesn’t work as a complete solution.


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