I’m a PHP developer that enjoys working with web applications, also a tech enthusiast.

So I decided to make this blog as a kind of memory pills for things that I do all the time, and in the meantime to help you out if you ever encounter the same situations. I have wanted to do this a long time ago, and believe me there would be a lot of information in here, but for time reasons I couldn’t but now that I started well just hope to continue doing it.

At the moment it’s just a silly blog but I will make a entire application to do this, but if I still waiting to have the time maybe I end up never doing it, so for the time being this is it and I hope that help you.

The main topics that I want to post here are:

PHP Development
Server Creation and Maintenance
Linux OS

But it could have some more…

If you need help with something and I can help you don’t doubt to contact me or even if it is just for correct me and helping me 😀

My email is dnetix@gmail.com


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