How to resize and or change image file types in Ubuntu

As a regular Linux user and with my mind set to work in Ubuntu and forget Windows (At least until it’s completely necessary) one can start to miss some of the programs that you can install in Windows, in this case “VSO Image Resizer” a nice program to work with images in blocks.

So looking around for an alternative I found ImageMagick it’s entirely a command line program so you look like a hacker just resizing images, just kidding it’s a little more complicated than VSO but do the job.

To install it
sudo apt-get install imagemagick

If you want to resize the images a 50% percent
mogrify -resize 50% *.jpg

To resize to a defined size
mogrify -resize 50% *.jpg

To convert to another file type
convert image.jpg image.png

And a loooot more of actions that you can find in the man page.


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