Installing Vim Janus on Ubuntu 14.10 with vim-airline

I remember using Vim a long time ago and I completly hate it, as the most of the developers I know, out of the box it’s a mess and you can’t really appreciate it, but every time that I watch some programmer on youtube or in a videocast using it I just loved it.

So it’s a relationship of love/hate because then I just try to configure it as theirs and always I encounter some problems that make me mad. And using it as a starter it’s a really stressful thing but with the time you begin to love it, mainly because you feel like a hacker 🙂 jaja, no really mainly because if you, like me, use a laptop every day, start to feel tired of using the touchpad. And that’s the primary target of Vim getting you away from the mouse.

I will post most about the use of Vim and such but for now let’s just center on installing it, and usign Janus that it’s like a version of Vim that comes with useful plugins out of the box with a little tweaks we got ourselfs a pretty decent Vim.

Make sure that you have previously installed “rake”
sudo apt-get install rake

I don’t think that you need this but make sure you have git installed
sudo apt-get install git


1. Download it. It will download several plugins so you can go to grab another cup of coffee
curl -Lo- | bash

2. Install the plugin vim-airline it’s a really simple bar like powerline, it’s Janus Vim so if you want to use pathogen alike installations just change the default ~/.vim/bundle to ~/.vim/janus/vim/tools, if you don’t know what pathogen is well nevermind. just run the next command
git clone ~/.vim/janus/vim/tools/vim-airline

That’s almost it. Now you can configure your own .vimrc.after, but how that its not the purpose of this post you can continue to have it pre-configured like mine.

3. I have a gist named .vimrc.after so you can download it going to my gist page and clic in “Raw” of this file and right clic -> save as
Gist Page for file

4. Move that downloaded file to your home directory

5. Make sure if you’re going to use my file that you run this command to create two required directories that I use
mkdir ~/.vim/backup ~/.vim/swap

That’s all I hope that this post help you. If you didn’t understand any of the steps don’t think twice to contact me.


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