Change “Música” to “Musica” on the places of Nautilus

As you can guess for my writing, english it’s not my native language, I decide it to write this blog in such language because I consider it (as many people) a universal one and because I like mostly programming and computers, and as you know that is the language to know. So as a practice and as a way to reach for more people I will write all my posts in english.

Recently I installed a Ubuntu OS in my PC and I was having a lot of trouble changing the places by default of Nautilus such as “Música” because of that accent “Tílde” and I hate it because in the terminal it’s a keystroke more and I suspect that it will bring me troubles in the future so I try to change it with right click and guess what it didn’t work at least with “Música”, “Vídeos” and the other I could delete it.

To change the “Música” you just neeed to Right-Clic it and rename it to “Musica” then go to the terminal at least in Ubuntu 14.10.

nano ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs

and change




save it and that’s all. Just restart Nautilus.


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